Mahlmann Logo

You make the goods. We make sure they arrive safely.

Our core business is after-sales logistics. Furniture manufacturers and wholesalers entrust us with the transportation of their produced-to-order furniture consignments.

A dependable team, in which everyone - from the shipping clerk to the warehouseman and the professional lorry driver - plays a crucial part in ensuring that your valuable goods arrive intact and on time. And exactly where you want them: at your customer, the furniture store.

We transport your furniture with tender loving care.

We treat every single piece of furniture as if it were our own: instead of using forklift trucks we do everything by hand.

"With Mahlmann, I know that when the doors open, everything will be in perfect condition!"

Customer statement

And that's just how it should be. This is why we train and sensitise our employees, and maintain a continuous dialogue with our customers, for example to develop new ideas, or to introduce further improvements to the process chain.

The return journey is just as safe

Whether there or back - any returned goods are treated with just as much care as on the outward journey.