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A great idea gets things moving

1945 after the war

... the founder of the company, Heinrich Mahlmann, buys a tractor with a trailer to transport his first freight: wood, stone, and other raw materials. From this initial idea and his entrepreneurial courage, the present logistics company Heinrich Mahlmann GmbH was born in the Heubachstrasse in Steinheim, Westphalia.

In1948 the furniture industry in Steinheim flourishes

Heinrich Mahlmann recognises the urgent need for a freight forwarder and specialises in the transport of new furniture.

Early 1950s: the first box trucks

Together with a wheelwright in Steinheim, the first box trucks are created.

1962 Relocation to the Steinheim industrial park

The economy is gaining momentum. Freight traffic is increasing steadily. Heinrich Mahlmann purchases new premises in the Industriestrasse. He hits the road with six employees and six lorries.



In 1965 Gerhard Mahlmann senior takes over

Heinrich Mahlmann retires. His son Gerhard takes over the management of the company with his wife, Therese, née Finkeldei.



The 70s bring growth and additional business

The Tankhof Steinheim is opened. The company‘s petrol station, although originally only intended for its own lorries, is turned into an independently run public service station, thus creating a second pillar for the company.

The business is becoming increasingly international. With 25 vehicles and 30 staff, Mahlmann New Furniture Logistics is becoming a leading player in the industry. Gerhard Mahlmann constantly pursues his visions, expanding transportation to international terrain.

In the 80s, a workshop and additional buildings are added

The rapidly growing fleet of vehicles – lorries, semi-trailers, trailers and swap bodies – requires short-term maintenance and repairs. A lorry workshop is built. Additional buildings are required to accommodate the company’s growth.


1999 Gerhard Mahlmann junior takes over the management of the company

Gerhard Mahlmann, the son of the company’s founder, retires. Gerhard Mahlmann junior, who joined the company in 1990, takes over the business. First of all he takes care of the staff and builds new offices and common rooms.



2000 - 2008: the company continues to grow

More employees, additional lorries and more space is needed. A new logistics unit with 20 additional ramps is built on the former site of the construction company Krekeler. Andrea Mahlmann works alongside her husband, Gerhard Mahlmann, and becomes Director of Finance, Controlling and Marketing. The number of employees rises to 100 and the company now uses 50 lorries and 80 trailers.



In 2011 the new logistics centre in Steinheim is built

Mahlmann New Furniture Logistics builds a completely new logistics centre on the former site of the Schieder furniture factory (40,000 square metres). With the additional storage space, the company establishes a new field of business: Warehouse management.

2012 sees the introduction of telematics

Using telematics, Mahlmann is able to respond to customer requests with a higher degree of flexibility. Delivery tours can now be planned more efficiently. At the same time the new tracking system allows customers to track their goods around the clock.



2015 Mahlmann celebrates 70 years on the road

Tradition, Innovation, Vision – this is the motto under which Mahlmann celebrates its 70th anniversary on May 15, 2015 at Bilster Berg.