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What it means to be a Mahlmann …

Mahlmann New Furniture Logistics is a family-run business in the 3rd generation. A family in which everyone works hands-on to ensure that everything runs perfectly. In which everyone - from the boss to the daughter - is able to load a lorry, and knows exactly what matters.

"We are all a part of the Mahlmann team. The family, the skilled and auxiliary workers, the apprentices. Men and women, in every department, in the warehouse, and driving the lorries".

Andrea Mahlmann

Every Mahlmann knows what makes them special

They fully identify with their work. And have a strong sense of responsibility. Because we know that every job we do is special. In many ways. Everyone works hand in hand. And often enjoy their free time together.

Becoming a Mahlmann

... there are various ways of doing this. Either via an apprenticeship in our company or as a trained professional. In particular we are always glad to welcome reliable professional lorry drivers to our teams. For more details see our vacancies and apprenticeships.